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Thriving [verb]
Successful, flourishing, developing, healthy, wealthy, prosperous.

Philosophy : Stoicism : Thinking about your thinking. 

Our Philosophy of choice is Stoicism. In recent times the Stoics and their teachings have made a resurgence. Overcoming destructive emotions exercising the development of self-control and fortitude the philosophy focuses on you becoming a clear and unbiased thinker. Our regular articles on Stoicism will bring their teachings to the current times so that you can start your journey to understanding and maybe even becoming a Stoic!

Psychology : NLP : 

Neuro Linguistic Programming in our view is fundamental in understanding human behaviour, including your own! Written by Master NLP Master Practitioners our articles will introduce you this sensory awareness, advanced linguistics and unconscious strategies you are running. The articles will challenge how you see, hear or feel everything :-)

Entrepreneurship : Business : 

Now more than ever the art of Entrepreneurialism is a desirable skill to possess. Our articles are written by people that have walked the walk. Learn from their mistakes and be introduced to practical theories around finance, leadership as well as how to cope with the challenges you will have as a business owner. 

Personal Development : 

Personal development in our view should be a life-long continuous journey. It brings reflection in times of success and positive influence on your mindset and activities in challenging times. Our articles are written to present concepts to improve improve self-awareness, develop life-skills and enhance the quality of every aspect of life. 

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